Music in a way you’ve never seen

Music presentations in different formats for events of varying sizes.



The trio of Rádio Sucata presents the “Sucatrio”, which mixes vocals, guitar, ukulele and percussion. All the instruments used are made with recyclable or reusable materials.
The playlist is mainly composed of renowned Brazilian songs, with some insertions from internationals and their own compositions, and the main music styles played are: samba, baião, xote, reggae and pop.
With a soft sound and a contagious rhythm, this work fits perfectly in environments that demand acoustic music, and can please listeners who want to discover new sounds or even get excited about a good dance.



The Rádio Sucata band presents the “Reciclando a MPB”, with a group that resembles a conventional band, formed by vocal, marimba, bass (with percussion tubes), drums and multiple percussion.
The repertoire is two hours long and consists of national songs of the MPB genre, played by renowned artists, new exponents and their own compositions.
This presentation can be made in several places, with a rich timbristic details for small theatres and strong sound for outdoor stages.



Rádio Sucata also has its own compositions by its own artists and guest artists. Genres and styles are varied and constitute unique sound experiences.

“This is the most impressive work with scrap materials I’ve ever seen.”

Carol Desoti – Rádio UFRJ

Sound stories with timbres of scrap

Poetry, dramaturgy and music, united by creativity



In this piece, stories are narrated with intense sound in the form of trails and sound design, and most of the stories come from national and international popular cultures.
In addition to the stories, the sessions are also composed of folk songs, musical games and playful lecture on the musical instruments played.
Our target audience is segmented into childhood and pre-teenage age groups, with different languages approach for each group or even training for educators.
Our work takes place in public or private school environments, corporate events, open areas under the direction of public agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGO) and non-profit organizations.


Musical theatre

(out of season)

With a percussion group, Rádio Sucata has a musical presentation called “Reafricanizando o Brasil”, written by Paulo Salmaci, which brings together structured music in Brazilian popular manifestations of mostly African influence such as jongo, capoeira and samba.
The songs are interspersed with poetic texts written by Ricardo Arantes and tell a story inspired in historical facts, from the arrival to the evolution of the African people in Brazil.


Sound design

Rádio Sucata also works with sound design for external agents: theater groups, advertising agencies and film producers.
The built musical instruments have a different language that goes beyond the timbre, as the musical instruments compose a thematic environment that resignifies usual objects from our consumerism society and dialogues with the environmental theme of materials disposal.

“Children’s imaginations must boil when they see sounds coming out of such unexpected objects”

Carlos Manara – Screenwriter

Creative musical instrument building workshops

“The person transforms the object and the object transforms the person. It is a reciprocal relationship”

Paulo Salmaci – Founder of Rádio Sucata

Youth workshops

Recreational or thematic workshops.
Workshops for teenagers.
Workshops for enthusiasts.

Workshops for educators

Music teachers.
Art teachers.
Teachers in general.
Social educators.

Group dynamics for companies

Human formation.
Social relationship.
Cross-cutting themes.


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