The music that comes from the trash

Have you ever imagined being able to make music with a shower, biscuit can or soda bottle?
Rádio Sucata presents artistic works with music using musical instruments made from recyclable materials.

our mission

What is the Rádio Sucata?

Rádio Sucata takes creativity, culture and entertainment through music, using instruments made from reused materials.

our virtues

What does Rádio Sucata think?

Like poetry, the art of reframing transforms people, as it brings with it the magic of surprise resulting from the most beautiful of human capacities: creativity.

“The human being do not need to sleep to dream”

our recognitions

What they say about Rádio Sucata

Since 2014, Rádio Sucata has been tracing its path in the face of the numerous challenges of the Brazilian cultural market. The recognition of this work is the fuel we need so much to continue on this journey in which the first steps have already been taken.


Our work is offered in the form of music shows, storytelling and workshops for building musical instruments.

Musical trio


Musical performances performed with percussion, guitar, ukulele and vocals.



Work that resembles that of a conventional band with: percussions, drums, marimba, pipe bass and vocals.



Traditional stories from different popular cultures in Brazil and the world, sounded with music and sound design.


Musical instrument construction workshops for children, youth, adults and training of music educators.



Own authorial music and guest artists.



Musical performance in external works by theater companies, advertising agencies and video producers.

Where we operate


  • Storytlling
  • Classroom workshop
  • Virtual workshop


  • Dinâmicas para funcionário
  • Internal event
  • Adversiting video

Social assistence

  • Workshop
  • Storytelling
  • Musical education


  • Shows for public administrations
  • Shows for markets and shoppings
  • Storytelling
  • Open workshops


Rádio Sucata has great experience with artistic works in small and large events.

Research and Development

Know our instruments and their sounds

The musical instruments used follow an aesthetic line of reusing everyday materials, except those used in conventional instruments.

Such creations are the result of a permanent research of structures and sounds, seeking to explore the timbristic limits of the materials involved.

How about bringing our creatively sustainable art to your event?