Paulo Salmaci

Founder and director of Rádio Sucata.

Musician, music educator, researcher, music producer and luthier.

“People are enchanted when they are faced with a disposal object that produces sounds similar to those of conventional musical instruments. This is what happened to me, when I made the first instrument using materials that would go to waste”

Creation of musical instruments using typical disposal materials

Why build musical instruments?

The goal here is to find out to what extent materials considered garbage by society can produce musical sounds.

How are musical instruments made?

The basis of this process is the selection of materials, which cannot be used conventionally in traditional instruments, such as wood or leather.
Another point is that both materials and tools and techniques must be easily accessible.

The results?

You can check it below


Know some of experiments


Tin drums with X-ray sheet membrane and baner


Instrument with body of gallons of water and discs, broomstick arm and bicycle brake steel strings


Tin drums with pet plastic membrane and plastic feed bag


Chime of keys and bottle caps, to be played with drumsticks


Rebar and Tic-Tac packaging

Headless tambourine

Instrumento com corpo de lata de biscoito, braço de cabo de vassoura e cordas de cabo de aço de bicicleta


Tambor de papelão com membrana de plástico pet de garrafa

Headed tambourine

Tambores graves de pvc, com membrana de chapa de radiografia e sacola plástica


Rebar and Tic-Tac packaging


Made with pvc pipe, wire and pet bottle


Paper tube with plastic bottle pet membrane

Jongo drums

Bass drums PVC with radiography plate membrane and plastic bag


Instrument with biscuit can body, broomstick arm and bicycle brake steel cable



The drums can have plastic, cans, paper or glass bodies, and plastic pet membranes or radiography plates


Rattles of the most diverse models

Percussive keyboards

Percussive keyboards with glass or ceramic keys

Plucked strings

Bicycle brake wire rope instruments, with metrics extracted from conventional models


Other miscellaneous categories